F.A.Q for Agents

We realise that you may have questions about the Realpoint Property Portal, so please check below for answers.

If you cannot find the answer to your question just contact us on the Contact form, email us or find us on WhatsApp. 

Once you sign up we will load up the latest properties, in accordance with the package you signed up to (which is why we encourage the Premium package with 500 listings available).

To update your properties you have two options:

a) manually edit them using the easy-to-use tools on our Portal. Although this is easy to use, it is not ideal if you are already busy managing properties on your own system. For this reason we highly recommend using a data-feed

b) Use a data-feed such as an XML file (*). We are very flexible and can accommodate most file formats. There are existing standard formats which we have already configured – such as the Kyero format – but it is really up to you. Of course there are some things your IT or Web developer will need to be aware of to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

(*) If you cannot provide an XML (or other) file, then no problem – for a small monthly fee we can generate that for you based on the data on your website. Contact us for more details.

To post on any of our groups, simply sign up to the Group and our Facebook  administrator will check you have signed up to the portal, then grant you access. You can view all our Facebook groups over on the connect page. Just click on the image and join the groups.

As part of the our marketing activities we will communicate with our existing client database of clients (all interested in property in Italy) plus our extensive users following our Facebook Pages and Groups.

Some of the marketing channels we will use are:

  • a Newsletter out once per week featuring property news and a selection of properties from the portal
  • frequent post on the Facebook Groups each day – this is in addition to any posts you may provide
  • media campaigns working with press organisations, journalists and social media channels

This is a management tool that you will have access to once signed up and where you can:

  • manage your profile
  • get insights into your performance on the portal
  • edit your property listings
  • set featured properties (depending on package)
  • upgrade your package


Your company details will appear in our Agents Directory which is searchable by international clients. 

In addition, any client who sees one of your properties on our portal can simply click on your logo to see all your listings – if they like what they see then you will get more enquiries.

As a registered Agent on the Portal, your company details will also appear in our Services Directory.

The Services Directory is there to provide additional services to clients about to help them  – such as builders, Geometra, lawyers, insurance companies, removal companies, etc.

If your company provides these additional services, or you work with such companies then for a few Euros per month you can take out additional advertising here. Contact us for more details.

We realise that not all Agents have the technology or time to be able to create a regular data feed; however that is the best way to get results – by default the Portal displays the latest properties first, so this is your opportunity to get your properties in front of your clients.

To help you we have partnered with a software company to provide a solution – the Realpoint Data Feed Builder. At a minimal monthly cost we will automatically take all the latest properties from your website and refresh the listings on the Portal.

Contact us for pricing.


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