Average Wages in Italy 2024

The average gross monthly wages in Italy stand at €2,479, as of 2022, which amounts to an annual salary of €29,748 before taxes and withholdings. This is the most recent available data from the country’s National Statistics Agency. After accounting for taxes and social contributions, the average net monthly income of workers in Italy is €1,740, translating to €20,880 per year.

Average wages in Italy at a glance: 

Gross monthly wages: €2,479
Net monthly wages: €1,740
Gross annual wages: €29,748
Net annual wages: €20,880
Rank in Europe: 18th

In terms of average wages, Italy holds the 18th position among European countries. However, when considering the cost of living and purchasing power specific to Italy, the real net average wages are adjusted to €2,802 per month, or €33,624 annually. This adjusted figure provides a more accurate reflection of the actual spending power of the average wages in Italy.

Average salaries will vary depending on the profession, as well as the specific location. Jobs in large cities and major business hubs tend to pay more, but also come with a higher cost of living. 

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Data sources: National Office of Statistics and other official sources from the country, as cited by Wikipedia.
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