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We invite you to join our
Lead Generator Programme

Became a property portal lead generator for the Realpoint Property Portal. Can you speak Italian and English ? Are you a super sales person ? then we have a fantastic opportunity for you !

We have two programmes available. The Core and the professional programme. Anybody can apply for the standard lead generator programme.

If your qualified lead purchases the package you will receive a minimum of £9.00* up to £200* per Agent sign up, depending on the package they have selected. So the Higher package you sell the more commission you get.

You will then gain access to our Lead Form. We will send you a link to this once you are approved.

Your Potential Commission Earnings
on the Core lead generator programme

* The earnings above are subject to changes in our packages rates. specialist lead generator commission is different, please contact us for more details and to apply.

Step 1
Fill in the contact form below to request to join the programme
Step 2
If you are accepted you will then gain access to our Lead Form. This i where you will record each lead you get so we can register the lead as yours.
Step 3
If your lead purchases a package you will receive your lead generator payment.
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Introducing the New
Professional Lead Generator Programme

This is the same as the structure as our other programme. The difference being the requirements to join and the improved commission structure which is based on a monthly income stream of up to 20% (which we will share with you once you are approved). Please fill in the form below answering all the relevant fields and if you are selected we will schedule a call to discuss further.

Additional Benefits

Ongoing Commission Based Monthly Income Stream

Certified Partner Agent

Helpful Marketing Material

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