Molise Italy Real Estate Report

In 2024, the average home price in the region of Molise, Italy, is $184,000, at a price per square foot of $92. By comparison, the national average cost to buy a house in Italy is $376,000, or $188 per square foot.

Real estate in Molise is sought-after by foreign and local buyers alike, and prices have changed by 6.4% compared to the previous year. Homes located in the most popular towns in Italy, frequented by tourists, tend to be more valuable, while living in remote or lesser-known locations is typically more affordable.

Here’s how Molise property prices compare to other regions of Italy:

Abruzzo $244,000
Aosta Valley $528,000
Basilicata $242,000
Calabria $186,000
Campania $330,000
Emilia-Romagna $374,000
Friuli-Venezia Giulia $298,000
Lazio $434,000
Liguria $510,000
Lombardy $440,000
Marche $314,000
Molise $184,000
Piedmont $258,000
Puglia $254,000
Sardinia $330,000
Sicily $212,000
Tuscany $476,000
Trentino-Alto Adige $600,000
Umbria $218,000
Veneto $358,000

House prices in the cities and towns of Molise, in US dollars

The most expensive town to buy a house in Molise is Guiglia, where a 2,000 square foot home costs on average $208,000. That’s a price per square foot of $104.

The most affordable place in Molise to buy a house, of the locations analyzed, is Crosia, where you can purchase a 2,000 square foot home for as little as $116,000, or $58 per square foot, on average.

Real estate prices in Molise’s main cities and towns:

San Massimo $164,000
Isernia $168,000
Agnone $116,000
Rocchetta a Volturno $136,000
Venafro $206,000

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Molise Italy property prices, in Euro

An average 200-square-meter house in Molise sells for around €179,800, or €899 per square meter. Property prices in Molise have changed by 6.4% compared to last year.

Of the locations analyzed, the priciest properties in Molise can be found in Guiglia, going for €202,800, on average, or €1,014 per square meter.

On the other hand, the cheapest house prices in Molise are in Crosia, where an average-sized home goes for €113,800. That is based on an average of €569 per square meter.

See how much it costs to buy property in other locations in Molise:

San Massimo €160,400
Isernia €164,600
Agnone €113,800
Rocchetta a Volturno €132,200
Venafro €201,000

Home prices vary depending on the condition of the property, the size of the home, and, of course, the location. For example, apartments and homes located in historic town centers tend to be more expensive than in other areas of the town, partly because of their proximity to amenities and partly because of their higher rental value. Moreover, properties in need of extensive renovation are typically priced much lower than those that are in move-in condition.


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