Rome Ostiense

Rome Ostiense

Yeah, Rome is full of ruins. But where can you find a pyramid, a non-Catholic cemetery, a plethora of street art, Eataly and other food emporiums including a fantastic pizzeria I’ll tell you about, a museum of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art inside a defunct thermoelectric power plant called Centrale Montemartin (one of my favorite places in Rome), the Porta San Paaulo and the Basilica Papale di San Paolo Fuori le Mura? Only Ostiense.

As we found on a recent journey, if you’d like to stay near the Ostiense station in a hotel that reflects the artiness of this once industrial neighborhood, you’d take a short walk to the Abitart Hotel where you’ll be immersed in the whimsical world of travel and art, starting right out front of the joint.

It’s quiet in the hotel. After a long flight from the west coast of America, I appreciated it.—for 9 hours or so.

And oh, that breakfast! We’ve come a long way from the coffee and cornetto days of yore. Reflecting the promise of the industrial age, a machine will make a pancake at the wave of your hand.

Adjacent to the east side of the hotel Abitart is Donna Cira, where the pizzas are clouds of fermented goodness upon which float the well-sourced toppings. Below are ours, Sasiccia e friarielli and Martha’s La Angioina.

Sasiccia e friariell: Provola, Friarielli, Salsiccia campana a punta di coltello, Parmigiano Reggiano, Basilico

La Angioina: fiori di zucca, Fiordilatte campano, Alici di Cetara, Zest di Limone, Parmigiano Reggiano, Basilico

And don’t miss a glass of the house red wine, it’s a fine Aglianico, one of the best O’ve had.

And if you’re strolling the area and have a hankering for a good Italian coffee, the one I sipped at th Bar Tavola Calda da Simone at Via Pellegrino Matteucci, 58 was fantastic.

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